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Stop Locking Up Non-Violent Juvenile Offenders

This piece was originally posted at Anyone who has ever spent time in a high school knows that students and teachers are no strangers to crime and rule-breaking.  At my large public high school, expensive items like iPhones routinely

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Stopping Workplace “Accidents” Requires Public Purpose

I concede that accidents happen. When, with the right of way, a sober driver unintentionally hits a disoriented pedestrian crossing the street, that’s an accidental crash.  When a waiter with five plates on his arms drops a plate of steak,

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My Presentation at the 2013 American Humanist Association Conference

Please find it below!

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Smoking Out the Poor

Being poor is a bummer.  Even in America. It’s no surprise that depression ravages our low-income communities at exceedingly high rates.  Performing menial tasks, day after day, to receive a salary barely sufficient to afford necessities, is unenviable, and alas, all too

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Taking DC’s Disabled for a Ride

If you don’t want to get taken for a ride the next time you catch a taxi in our nation’s capital, be sure to speak politely to your driver and know the quickest route to your destination. Oh, and don’t

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The Prevalence of Corporal Punishment in US Schools

This article was originally posted at If you thought that corporal punishment was a relic of our educational system’s distant past, think again. Some nineteen states, clinging tightly to the Supreme Court’s 1977 ruling in Ingraham v. Wright, still allow corporal

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The Moral Vacuity of High SAT Scores

Driving with my father through Chevy Chase, Maryland, when I was young, I once asked him, “What do people in a country club do?” My Dad, never having been a member, evoked F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby. “From what

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