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The Creation of ‘Black Crime’

The laziest pundits in this country would have us believe that there are two types of crime: crime and black crime. Odious media outlets’ coverage of the recent “knockout” phenomenon is evidence of this faulty distinction’s widespread promulgation. Reporters have started covering

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The Angle (11/17/13)

Listen to us talk Reaganomics and the role of religion in public policy. Play from WordPress: Play from SoundCloud: Topics: Corporate tax (12:05) Religion in schools (17:20) Orthodox Israeli politics (25:05) Fundamentalism and gay marriage (35:30) The Catholic Church and Obamacare

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Explaining Reparations to the Anti-Tax Crowd

This piece was originally published at Some people believe that it is “wrong”—in fact, “theft”—for the government to tax an estate passed down from one generation to the next. The “death tax” takes away the hard-earned bucks that industrious

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