Tyranny’s Sentence

This is my first spoken word poetry video! Here are the words:

They have mustered the gall to call Stalin our friend,
To deem tyrannies means to luxurious ends,
To crown slaughter the stuff of promising trends
Towards bastions of hope and immaculate blends
Of freedom and labor and bucks that they lend
To contemn all the “Japs” and Jacobo Arbenz
For proffering land to peasants engaged
In a call for some wealth and equality’s days
In the daze of a war fought for fascism’s end
Whose atomic inflection brings states to amend
Their notions of power in insidious games
Of racing for arms for the kin that they tame
As proxies, in snippets, for imperialist aims
Like backing the Reds in Afghanistan’s yard
Or backing Jihad against Communist guards,
Or defending Martinez’s ethnocide for
Anti-Marxian factions on San Salvador’s floor,
At the expense of the natives who join forces to run
From the sadist militias burning people for fun,
Like Jakarta’s Suharto who, in East Timor, goes mad
With cruel pillars delivered by Uncle Sam and a glad
Kissinger smiling upon the acts of a beast
As Carter sustains his sick rule in the East,
And our technocrats cheer for democracy’s feast
Over Stalinist kids who know not of this beef
And thousands of men who look “intellectual,” so
They bleed by the wrath of Cambodian blows,
Which render quite proud CIA fighters asunder,
Who, on separate accounts, rape nuns and then wonder
Why Salvadorans and poor ones call Reagan a dope
And sneak over the border in echoes of hope
As Iranian forces stick their hands in a bra
Of a Persian insurgent oppressed by the Shah,
And Hussein is then paid to fight Ayatollah Khomein’
And Iraq is attacked for democracy’s gain,
For tyranny’s pain, for villainy’s shame, for liberty’s claim and Republican aims,
Driving for “freedom” and “innocent folks”
While bolstering fiends in dubious strokes
Of aid to be paid to imperialist braids of networks
Of states with bucks in their gaze,
Raising the praise of the dissident Waraq
Cheering on goods for the despot Mubarak
And Saleh in Yemen, Shamir in the Seam
On an earth with a dearth of sensitive gleams,
Fostered by crooks of insidious means
Like Welles ringing belles on Cuba’s high seas
For desperado Machado in his barbarous glee
Towards Porra, menorahs lit and then turned
From the shores of New York by Roosevelt’s spurn
And the burn of a man who locks humans inside
Cages and rages against Hitlerian sides
As the sons of Japan lose rights that they know
And the Cherokee nation has nowhere to go
And McKinley, quite grimly, frees paupers from Spain
And burns ‘em with Bibles and falsified claims
Of salvation and patience with nations’ invasions
So the moral abrasions heal and the weal of
The people is reached and the preachers can preach
Of the contract once breached and the Contras are leased
For democracy speech of beating the Comms with
Cents from Iran, like Reagan’s a mom for bullies at prom
And Truman’s our pop all driven to stop
The Bolshevist flop and humanity’s drop
In with the lot of iniquity fraught with ubiquity
Of Stalinist dreams, non-colonist themes,
And the perfidious schemes of the teams of radical
Blacks with their anger in tact and the Jews
Choosing Mao over Truman, in fact,
Whose perilous whacks bomb kids in the back
Of vast Japanese tracts for some humanist pacts
Against Rovian cats of Soviet tact
Stealing dollars and slacks from Menshevik “brats”
Who back the US, in turn backing Peron
In turn backing Sharon and tyranny’s groan,
Like Franco in Spain playing fascism’s game
Giving us a hope to fight Stalin the same,
Like extending a hand to Trujillo although
He kills Haitians in stations with villainous blows
As Somoza too grows an imperious state
And garners our praise with Reds as a bait
And squashes dissent for democracy’s quest
In the name of a war on these Leninist pests
And they breed meritocracy with intelligence tests
So as to laud all the brains of the rich and the rest
Are inferior beings with no scores to attest
To their smarts in a game of ranking
So the kleptocrats claim that the frame isn’t skewed
And these cops aren’t rude and FOX is the news
And hop in the mood for some food of their thought
While the children are wrought and elections are bought
To sate the state’s gore, to prevaricate more
Till the poor in their store simply rot to the core
And are props in a war
Never stopping to think
That obsession with wealth and celebrities’ kinks
And IQ and the few with “genes” of a lot
Of grace in a place of intellectual thoughts
Is meaningless, see, where love is concerned
For when we are barren and lost, by our good we’re discerned
And all of the titles are revoked
And no ego is stroked
And dropping a name is pitifully lame
And greed is the bane of our hearts and the sane all around needn’t brag
And no one’s a “hag” and no one’s a “drag”
No grad is a snob, no hobo’s a “slob,”
No groaning for jobs better paid than the stuff that we’re doing today
And I’m remiss in this bit but must faithfully say
That I certainly fear
That I’ve missed a great deal,
But tyranny’s sentence ends here.

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