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Who Remembers the British?

Who Remembers the British? Who remembers the British? And the homes they surrounded, The kids they impounded, The cheer they ungrounded, The trumpets they sounded for the death of the Boers Or scores more whom they doused in the drouth

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The Clash of Civil Persuasions

Many pundits interpret the troubling spread of ISIS as proof that a “clash of civilizations” is emerging between the traditionally liberal West and a bloc of illiberal Islamists. For instance, Arutz Sheva’s Tuvia Brodie argues that ISIS, as a ruthless Jihadist

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Andreas Lubitz: Actually Just a Murderer?

After frantically searching for a psychological explanation for co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’s recent downing of Germanwings Flight 9525, some doctors have reached the awkward conclusion that Lubitz, a white man, might be just a murderer. “This is highly unusual. Unheard of, really,”

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