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On Wolves Attacking Deer

Here is another piece of my exchange with Professor Block. It, too, has been edited some. _____________________________  Dear Tommy: I can’t resist this one. If we humans violate animal rights by killing them, don’t they violate each other’s rights by

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Is “Humane” Meat Production Realistic?

I recently received an email from Walter Block, and our debate over the treatment of animals quickly started up again. A snippet (edited slightly for clarity) is posted below. I hope to add more soon. _____________________________ Dear Walter, Hello! It’s been

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Trump’s Tribalism (And Ours)

Almost two years after the fact, the sting to the American Left has not quite faded. That a bumbling, chauvinistic, vituperative, politically inexperienced real estate scion eked out a victory in a contest for the world’s most powerful office still

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Democracy Summer Talk

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The United States and Wahhabism

A quick review…

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Syrian Quicksand

When will we learn? War is quicksand. The destruction of one evildoer usually gives way to a second evildoer, the latter of which we find ourselves “obligated” to fight for the same reasons we were “obligated” to fight the former. Look at Syria,

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My Performance at the 2017 Compassion Over Killing Winter Celebration

Thank you to the amazing Leona Amosah for recording it.

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