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My Interview with Ralph Nader on Left/Right Coalitions Against Militarism

Please check out my recent interview with Ralph Nader! Many thanks to the Center for Study of Responsive Law and the Amherst Political Union for making it possible.

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Tyranny’s Sentence

This is my first spoken word poetry video! Here are the words: They have mustered the gall to call Stalin our friend, To deem tyrannies means to luxurious ends, To crown slaughter the stuff of promising trends Towards bastions of hope

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Neoconservatives Use Moral Relativism to Blame Progressives for Genital Mutilation

The neoconservative camp, always eager to wrestle with imaginary positions of their opponents, is now bravely challenging another belief that no one holds, which is that “all cultures are equal.” George Mason University Professor Walter Williams has jumped aboard the

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My Slam at the Progressive Neighbors’ Annapolis Send-Off

I shared my newest poem with the Progressive Neighbors last night.  Enjoy!

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Yellow Card Warnings and Iraqi War Crimes

This piece was originally posted at On the first day of first grade, my teacher introduced the class to the “guidelines” we would be expected to follow. We were told that minor transgressions would result in “yellow card” warnings

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