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How School Drug Policies Hurt the Disabled and the Depressed

Students regularly taunt a disabled peer. Without any family at school to console her, she cries in the bathroom during lunch every day and seeks an escape from it all.  A security guard eventually catches her rolling a joint in

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The Myth of the Able-Bodied Man as Man

We need to fix the game of manhood. Our society’s exclusive image of the ‘real man’ leaves us with a disgruntled majority of boys who view the coveted prizes of masculinity as out of reach. Although most boys are bound

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Yellow Card Warnings and Iraqi War Crimes

This piece was originally posted at On the first day of first grade, my teacher introduced the class to the “guidelines” we would be expected to follow. We were told that minor transgressions would result in “yellow card” warnings

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The Prevalence of Corporal Punishment in US Schools

This article was originally posted at If you thought that corporal punishment was a relic of our educational system’s distant past, think again. Some nineteen states, clinging tightly to the Supreme Court’s 1977 ruling in Ingraham v. Wright, still allow corporal

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The Moral Vacuity of High SAT Scores

Driving with my father through Chevy Chase, Maryland, when I was young, I once asked him, “What do people in a country club do?” My Dad, never having been a member, evoked F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby. “From what

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